The Alchemist

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This novel is a controversial read, some like the book others think it lacks structure or vision. Then there are those that hate it for whatever reason I know not of. But you can’t please everyone now, can you? The Alchemist is about a man who had dreams of visiting  a treasure trove. Actually, the link below has all the details of the summary so read the full book there. If you like the link then comment or like the page to show your appreciation (no pressure).

Alchemist PDF

Access the link to The Alchemist book here.

Honestly, I am not that much of a reader but the Mein Kampf documentary is something I believe everyone should read. It basically an autobiographical manifesto by Adolf Hitler. I have posted a MEIN KAMPF PDF historical document for you to have a read and comment on what you think of the book. Mein Kamph makes you question laws, principle, civilians etc… It is best for you to read and write and opinion to let me understand what you are thinking.

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