Online Game Two Truths And Lies Strategies and Examples

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New Features

I had a chat with the creator of Truths and Lie for more information on how he was going to evolve the site. He replied, “we would like the public to grow truths and lies on their own, future updates include adding a polling system for user suggested updates for the site. So users would not only choose what changes they want to see but also vote on what we should do first. Also, our database will be updated by user submissions”. Which means the site is far from complete and only when new users sign up would we get to witness the true potential of Truths and lies.

Truths and Lie

Update: Truths and lies was created in a small room with 4 individuals and is soon moving into bigger and better – and greater things. So why not become part of the journey now!

How to Play Truths and a Lie Onlinetruth-and-lies

  1. Sign up.
  2. Invite a friend.
  3. Create a party.
  4. Submit your truth and lies first.
  5. Rinse and Repeat.

Two Truths one Lie is suitable for new friends couples colleges workmates you name it. Also, we are expanding the app to allow friends and other people to find one another. Upcoming features… stay tuned for more updates.


Truths and Lie Strategies

As with most games, there is a strategy required to help you win at two truths and a lie as well. Here are a few you can employ at your next encounter.

Too believable to be the lie – This strategy requires you to choose a lie that seems like a lie but is so obvious your opponent doubts him/herself.

Equality chance – Create a set of statements where all can be either lies or all truths.

Two Truths and a lie Examples

Below are a few more examples of truths and lie statements to try using.

Two Truths and a Lie flirty

  • I like the dad bods
  • I prefer the lights on
  • I like sleeping with the lights on
  • I like when my lip is pulled during kissing
  • I live kissing with my eyes open
  • I like messing with guys head before giving them some
  • Running and chasing excites me
  • Watching erotic content just before also excited me
  • It takes two or more men to get me off

Truths and Lies about yourself

  • I like to read
  • I spend over 12 hours a day sleeping
  • I am an anime lover
  • I am a clean freak
  • I have never seen lion king
  • I am the reason my family is so stressed
  • I have a coin stash of over 2000 dollars
  • At an early age, I had my first drink
  • I learned to run on mornings
  • I secretly love pain but I keep it private
  • I have watched Baki

Funny Truths and Lies

  • I play never have I ever because I know I will get drunk
  • Drinking two types of alcohol cause me to throw up
  • I have never made an Instagram account
  • I’ve sharted before at work
  • I daydream constantly
  • I have spilled coffee multiples time on another person
  • I something watch youtube series as I watch normal TV series
  • I am an adrenaline junkie
  • Working out helps me to concentrate
  • My farts smell very very bad daily
  • The new Boruto anime is a waste of time

So instead of reading or sharing Fifty shades of grey PDF over Skype how about trying the new online game. You won’t be disappointed. Also, new things are coming to the app so get ready for the future now.

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